Startup Cup Ghana winners to join AMPION Venture Bus West Africa













Startup Cup Ghana winners to join AMPION Venture Bus West Africa

The competition for this years’ Startup Cup Ghana is about to get even fierier as the rewards begin to stack up: our 2014 winners will not only represent Ghana at the World Start Up Cup but also be rewarded with one of the highly coveted spots on the AMPION Venture Bus.

AMPION organizes four Venture Bus hackathons in 16 countries in Africa this year to create innovative and sustainable start-ups for the African market. The Venture Bus has been covered by international media such as BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle. Participants are coders, business experts and designers from Africa and all over the world. They are accompanied by mentors, investors and serial entrepreneurs from renowned companies like Google or Apple who will share valuable insights into the business of successful startups in global centers of entrepreneurship such as the Silicon Valley and Berlin.

Entrepreneurs who compete in the Ghana StartUp Cup are rewarded for turning their idea into a viable business model, going to market quickly, testing assumptions, and modifying their business model as they learn what drives customers and revenue. Entrepreneurs of the StartUp Cup do not have to be experts at creating polished documents or accounting wizards. Instead what they lack in experience, they make up for in passion and dedication to achieve their dream.
The most promising tech startup of the StartUp Cup Ghana will then have to test their medals on the AMPION Venture Bus. On the hackathon they will have to turn their innovative idea into a refined business plan and pitch their startup to a jury of high-level investors. The pitch will be part of the Venture Bus grand final in Abidjan co-hosted by AMPION and one of Europe’s most prominent business schools HEC.

The West African Venture Bus hackathon will take place from October 27 to November 1, 2014 and travel Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast. The entrepreneurs will be guests in local innovation centers and academic facilities such as the CC Hub (Nigeria), American Cultural Center (Benin), Woelab (Togo), iSPace (Ghana) and Akendewa (Ivory Coast) along the way.

The best startups developed on the AMPION Venture Buses will receive an extensive Fellowship Program including funding, mentorship and free office spaces. If you always wanted to create your own business in Ghana the time is now! You can apply for the StartUp Cup Ghana until October 5, 2014 on – regular applications for the AMPION Venture Bus close on September 25 (

Press contact: Emmanuel Nyame| Ghana StartUp Cup Organizer | [email protected]

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