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Ghana to Host Maiden Africa StartUp Cup


Ghana will host the First Annual Africa StartUp Cup April 28, 29 & 30, 2016. The announcement was made during a special ceremony at the close of the Ghana StartUp Cup Challenge Award Celebration.
“The Africa StartUp Cup is an extraordinary event designed to showcase and celebrate entrepreneurs from every conceivable industry, and in the process shine a global light on the power of Africa entrepreneurs and startups to improve lives. Ghana was one of the first StartUp Cups ever to be held outside the United States, and it is especially fitting that they are now hosting the first annual Africa StartUp Cup”, said Sean Griffin, CEO and Founder of StartUp Cup.

The Africa StartUp Cup will bring together first place winners from local StartUp Cups around the globe. Currently there are 18 StartUp Cup Challenges organized in Africa. The first place winners from each local competition that holds their awards celebration prior to April 15, 2016 will be eligible to enter into the Africa StartUp Cup Challenge. The selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to travel to Ghana to present their business models to an international panel of judges comprised of local StartUp Cups throughout Africa.

Ghana was selected from a number of interested cities throughout Africa based on their commitment to developing a robust ecosystem where entrepreneurship growth is a priority and celebrated. The three-day program shall consist of StartUp Cup’s Summit on Africa’s Growth and economic progress, pitches, mentorship, as well as coaching and training for delegates of the program.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected to host the first Africa StartUp Cup”, said Emmanuel Nyame, The Director for Ghana StartUp Cup. “It is inspiring to see the growing impact of StartUp Cup on Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the ongoing support from community partners to feature entrepreneurship as a powerful path to sustained economic growth.”

About Startup Cup

StartUp Cup manages an international portfolio of entrepreneurial programs proven to grow entrepreneurs, jobs and enhance entrepreneurial ecosystems. StartUp Cup represents a global network of hyper-local accelerators featuring business model competitions in more than 60 countries. Our focus is on applying innovative technical skills by serving as global leaders in entrepreneurial job creation and the generation of investment-ready businesses.

Additional global initiatives include: WECREATE, whose mission is to grow a global network of Women’s Entrepreneurial Center of Resources, Education, Access, and Training for Economic Empowerment (WECREATE) Project is a physical entrepreneurial community center that can be replicated in any community. The WECREATE is a public-private partnership between the U.S. State Department and StartUp Cup.
For more information or enquiries, kindly contact: a[email protected]

Lily Kudzro Receives The Future Africa Award

Lily Kudzro _TFAA


2014 Ghana StartUp Cup overall winner, Lily Kudzro of Devio Arts Center, a social enterprise focused on educating children in arts and culture, won the Future Africa Award Education category, this past weekend.

The Future Africa Award is an annual program which awards entrepreneurs committed to finding effective and innovative ways of addressing social issues in their respective countries.

We wish Lily Kudzro all the very best in all her endeavours and will continue to provide backbone support for her and all entrepreneurs in the Ghana StartUp Cup community.

eCampus Selected for Global Startup Expo



2nd place winner of the 2015 Business Model competition, eCampus, has been selected to participate in the Global Startup Expo.

The Global Startup Expo is the first on-line fair of the world dedicated to startups. With an innovative and interactive platform, the fair offers a unique experience for meeting startups, explore new technologies, connect with investors, learn about incubators and crowdfunding possibilities while networking with peers, professionals, and press!

eCampus is a self-paced education platform for anyone who wants to learn and prepare for Mathematics examinations at the Junior High School (JHS), Senior High School (SHS), and Tertiary levels. The App reduces the time from learning to employment by bringing the classroom to the student.

We wish eCampus all the very best!

KawaMoka Wins 2015 Ghana Startup Cup


StartUp Cup hit Ghana’s capital for the 3rd time this past weekend for its conclusion, as the three winners of this year’s competition were revealed following a morning of rapid pitches from 12 finalists.

After whittling down hundreds of entrants, via an online registration, twelve entrepreneurs where invited to compete. Emi-Beth Quatson of KawaMoka, a local coffee company, received the backing of the judges in the competiton and finished victorious. Placing second and third were eCampus App, an innovative e-learning platform and Coliba, a waste management startup.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Chief Economic Officer of the U.S. Embassy, Jimmy Mauldin, admonished the youth to take up challenges and provide sustainable and identifiable solutions to the problems around us through their businesses, adding that: “You are the future of Ghana” He further reiterated the U.S Government’s support for StartUp Cup Ghana, through the Global Entrepreneurship Program, in spurring growth in entrepreneurship in Ghana, as well as other exchange programmes such as the Young African Leaders’ Initiative (YALI).

“Not all business plan competitions are meant for your business”, commented Technoserve Ghana Deputy Country Director, Samuel Baba Adongo who was also a keynote speaker at the awards ceremony. He continued by admonishing startups to focus on growth as a first step in developing their business while desisting from the habit of moving from one competition to the other.

The finals, which took place during the National Startup Festival at the British Council, saw twelve businesses pitch their ideas to an expert panel of entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts.On hosting duties was Kweku Temeng of TV3, while joining Nancy Glaser of Stanford SEED on the judging panel were Klenam Fiadzo (Yougora Ltd, Cofounder), and Kwaku David (KD Group Global).


Ethel Cofie (Women in Tech, Founder), Yaganoma Baatuolkuu (Wanjo Foods, CEO), Wayne Miranda (Growth Mosaic, CEO), Joyce Okyerewaa Danso (UN Youth Ambassador, Ghana), Mac-Jordan Degadjor (Africa New Media, Cofounder) also formed part of panelists for a Social Good Meetup on Entrepreneurship and the Global Goals which took place earlier at the same venue to discuss and address the funding and investment gap for startups in Ghana. Alumi of the StartUp Cup program, Lily Kudzro(Devio Arts, CEO) Francis Obirikorang(Swappaholics, Cofounder) and Nana Opoku Agyeman-Prempeh(Asoriba, Cofounder), also took chances to lead a breakout session on growing and expanding your business.



“We took a long time to come to a decision after witnessing the pitches,” confessed the Ghana StartUp Cup, Director, Emmanuel Nyame. “There was a lot of delibrations as all twelve of these businesses are so strong. In the end it came down to deciding whether we wanted to give the backing to the best ideas or the businesses that we thought could really succeed.”


So what do all of the finalists walk away with?

Finalists with Agricultural background received a prize package by kind sponsorship of TechnoServe Ghana, while ultimate winner, KawaMoka would continue the journey to compete with other African countries for the next phase of the competition.

As well as this, all of finalists will get astute mentorship prize packages for all twelve finalists starting December this year sponsored by MEL Consulting.

The National StartUp Festival was put together by Stillwater Equity Partners and StartUp Cup Ghana. To find out more about this year’s competition, head across to the Ghana StartUp Cup website

National Startup Festival Launched in Accra

Pan African Private Equity & Investment Firm, Stillwater Equity Partners Limited together with StartUp Cup Ghana on Thursday 17th September launched the maiden edition of the National Startup Festival (NSF).

The event which is expected to be the largest gathering of startup entrepreneurs, investors and startup eco-system leaders for networking, exhibitions, key-notes, workshops and awards will bring together some 4,000 visitors, fifty (50) investors and more than 200 startup entrepreneurs at the British Council on November 7, 2015.

Speaking at a short ceremony to launch the event, the Chairman and Director of Startup Cup Ghana Mr. Emmanuel Nyame expressed his excitement about celebrating startups in a great way through the festival. In addition to running the usual business model competition, Emmanuel believes that providing free exhibitions, training and mentoring, pitch sessions, as well as plenary sessions, to over 200 participating startups will play a very active role in marking it’s third year of remarkable operations in Ghana, stating that participating entrepreneurs will gain important skill sets in marketing and raising capital.

StartUp Cup Inc, a global accelerator with presence in seventy-four (74) countries worldwide, is a partner to the U.S. Department of State’s Global Entrepreneurship Programme, an effort to spur entrepreneurship across the globe. Overall finalist of the pitch competition shall take part in the Annual World StartUp Cup to battle with finalists from other countries for investments and other services to grow their businesses. Entrepreneurs, aged 18– 35 are encouraged to register via to take part in pitch and mentorship or exhibition sessions during the NSF.

Chief Executive Officer of Stillwater Equity Partners (SEP) reiterated his company’s commitment to investing in startups in the sub-region and said that the objective of the NSF is to initiate the campaign to build the next generation of global brands brewed in Africa was well in line with Stillwater’s objectives.

Several performances will take place during the awards ceremony. Artistes and performers will treat audience to a unique melange of jazz, soul and afrobeat.

This NSF is supported by the Young Entrepreneurs Savings (YES FUND); a product of ASN Financial Services (ASN FSL) that supports young entrepreneurs to build capital for their dream businesses.

Send enquiries to [email protected]

2014 Finalist Launches New Product


Nana Opoku Agyeman, Cofounder of Order Now App, made it through to th the top 7 stage of the 2014 StartUp Cup Ghana competition. His new service, Asoriba, which is currently doing well on the market, builds tech solutions for the church. The StartUp Cup Ghana team caught up with him in this exciting interview as he shares his story:


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I’m personally excited about church, aviation, technology and agriculture; I love to drive change in developing African countries by building teams and utilizing scarce resources. I strongly believe in constant learning and improving on existing solutions. With an MPhil in Agric Engineering (Machine Systems) and An Aviation club of which I’m president, its ok to say I wear many hearts at different places, not forgetting to mention that I’m a pastor in training in my dad’s church.


I strongly believe that technology is one of the things that can help put Ghana’s and Africa’s economy in shape if governments pay closer attention to it. Think about this, if people from all over the world are paying for your software in dollars online, this will earn the country “hard currency which will then shore up the cedi, if not it will keep dropping as you keep burrowing” quoting Citifmoline’s interview on former President Kufour’s statement


As an entrepreneur and one of the  innovators of the Asoriba platform,  what are some of the highlights of your job?

In Asoriba, I’m responsible for Sales and Business Development Team building and Vision Driving/Management, Customer and Investor Management, Company growth and scaling.I cannot continue talking about myself without my team: Asoriba’s founders ( Saviour, Patrick, Jesse  and myself are  successful graduates of Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) and have known each other for over 2 years. Each founder has a specific set of unique and complementary skill to build a successful global software company. The team is succeeding because;

  1. All team members are Christians with some founders’ parents being ministers of the gospel, hence giving us a deeper understanding of the market
  2. There is good team dynamics and
  3. There is great support from MEST.


How would you describe the entrepreneurship landscape in Ghana?

I personally believe there are a lot of established business men in Ghana, but few entrepreneurs when we consider the definition of the term.

“Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business, typically a startup company offering an innovative product, process or service”

I see less of innovation, and more of copying and replication of sound business process and strategies, which is also a very good business strategy.



One of your focuses is helping churches develop sustainable database. Could you elaborate on that and share some tips?

Asoriba is a unique web and mobile application that enables effective church administration for leaders, and seamless engagement with members via mobile phones (App & SMS). It goes beyond a good database and does more.  Any forward looking church that see a colossal shift in the way humans engage has already started thinking about how to leverage on technology to effectively run the church and engage with its members who are constantly on their mobile phone and the Internet. What Asoriba does is, it give the church a solution is uniquely designed to meet its needs. To be more specific; Asoriba is designed to make it easy for the church leader to nourish members by sending daily devotions or prayer points seamlessly to the member’s mobile phone. This is possible via the Devotional and Announcement feature in the Web App. The member will receive notices on his/her Asoriba mobile app or as an SMS on a feature phone. This means every morning before you get out of bed, you can have tailor made, spirit filled devotions from your own Pastor. And in the course of the day, you can listen to a past sermon, which could be audio or video from the Media feature in the mobile App.


Think about this same application being used to educated millions of members in case there is an epidemic like Ebola. Pastor’s being powerful community influencers, can get the message across quickly and effectively.


Back to the church, in case there is an event happening live, it can be live stream via the mobile app. This means, you will always stay connected to the Word of God and the church service no matter where you find yourself. Other features include, a comprehensive and current member database, attendance monitoring tools, financial management feature, event creation and sharing tool, branch integrations and reporting system, group and leadership management functionalities, media/content sharing feature with analytics and online payment integrations such as Visa, Master Card and mobile money.


Where can we find out more about your work?

Simply visit or



Elaborate on some of the challenges you faced and give a clue on how you overcame them.

It’s not been a challenge to be frank. The problem is really clear and real. There is a huge pain and most churches are in deep need of such a unique solution.


What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs out there looking to launch products or services they are passionate about?

I think one of the first things an entrepreneur needs to do is to connect. Connect to both the problem and the people (stake holders). Stake holders include those who feel the problem, those who have parts of the solution and people who are connected to the problem one way or the other. In the process of connecting, you will identify your winning team you can build the solution with. The second thing is to come up with a compelling solution with clear value propositions (benefits), next a sound business model that will keep the bills paid and brings significant returns on shareholders money. Finally ask God for favour and grace, something you will really need to get to the next level. He has given that to Asoriba.


It’s dispel a stereotype time. What’s a stereotype about Ghana that’s false?

A myth that Ghanaians are laid back and not as aggressive as other African countries, specifically the Nigerians, I think Ghanaians are really aggressive, but they are not loud, hence it is easy for a by-stander to miss it, when a Ghanaian is aggressively chasing something.


How do you use your experience with MEST & Seedstars World to support your business?

MEST has been a tremendous experience, and has really shaped the minds of all Asoriba founders. We are now trail blazing software entrepreneurs. Training in communication, business and software development has been awesome. The parts I have really come to enjoy about MEST are the sales persons who come from the mother company and the pitch session we have.

2015 Business Model Submissions Open


Business Model Submissions for the 2015 edition of the StartUp Cup Ghana Business Model Competition are now open. Participants will be trained in various components of building a company and pitch to a panel of investors and business leaders in Ghana. For more information about the 2015 competition, and criteria, kindly click here. Submissions close on October 10!

Click here to apply straight away.

We look forward to receiving your great application! All the best!

Swappaholics Makes Strides in the Middle East


francisOn Tuesday, October 28th 2014, Swappaholics was shortlisted as a semi finalist for the Ghana Startup Cup Competition, alongside other 14 startups. The goal of the competition was to select an innovative startup who will represent Ghana on the Global Startup Competition stage. CEO and CoFounder of Swappaholics, Mr. Francis Obirikorang shares his StartUp Cup experience and his progress so far.





#FrancisSpeaks: Out of the 15 shortlisted startups of which Swappaholics was part.  7 were going to be selected as finalists to compete in a 6 week program that spanned from mentoring, business model design etc. To select the top 7 finalists, the 15 semi finalists were to pitch a 5 minute presentation on their startup to a team of judges and investors at the Ghana Angel Investors Networks (GAIN) Head Office in Accra.


It was a fierce pitch competition. The judges asked probing questions about the startups and how they planned to monetize it. After the nerve wrecking pitch sessions, Swappaholics was selected to be amongst the top 7 finalists.


The Ghana Startup Cup finalist program was an educative one. Mentors from all spheres of life shared their life experiences in running their business, what mistakes to avoid to prevent your startup from collapsing and other important business facts. Kwaku David shared invaluable messages concerning how he started his photography business and transformed it into one of the best photography companies in Ghana using innovative technologies and reliance on social media.


Swappaholics didn’t win the top honors in the finalist event; but it was a life changing experience. A few months after the program, we got selected into the prestigious Turn8 Accelerator Program in Dubai, UAE organized by DP World being the largest shipping port operators in the MENA region and i360 Institute.


Turn8 Accelerator is program to promote the startup culture in the Middle East And North Africa (MENA) regions with its sole aim of investing in technological startups that are scalable and relevant. 10 Startups are selected from all over the world to be a part of a 120 day acceleration program. Swappaholics is the only startup selected from the continent of Africa.



Swappaholics has been a torch bearer and representing the African continent to the fullest. With the introduction of more swapping verticals and also making inroads into Kenya, Nigeria and Dubai markets; Swappaholics is spreading the new swap culture that empowers individuals and businesses to connect and swap products, skills and services socially. We are poised to introduce the swap culture globally and make it an alternative to cash trading. Swappaholics is scheduled to launch in all these target markets by the end of 2015. Watch out for the next big thing to come out of Africa.

Silicon Valley: Cupertino, California to Host Second Annual World StartUp Cup



StartUp Cup announces that Cupertino, California will host the Second Annual World StartUp Cup June 16,17 & 18, 2015.

“Silicon Valley StartUp Cup has been empowering a diversity of entrepreneurial businesses that goes beyond technology since launching in 2012 and we are particularly enthusiastic to have this year’s World StartUp Cup hosted in Cupertino, California. We look forward to showcasing and celebrating the most promising startups and entrepreneurs from every conceivable industry, and in the process shine a global light on the power of entrepreneurs to change the world,” said Sean Griffin, CEO and Founder of StartUp Cup.

World StartUp Cup will bring together the first place winners of local StartUp Cups from around the globe. Currently there are over 50 StartUp Cup acceleration programs in over 60 countries. The first place winners from each local competition that held their awards celebration during 2014 will be eligible to enter into the World StartUp Cup competition. The selected entrepreneurs will travel to Cupertino to present their business models to an international panel of judges comprised of local StartUp Cups around the world.

Cupertino was selected from a number of interested cities from around the world based on their commitment to developing a diverse ecosystem where entrepreneurship growth that supports allowing anyone, with any idea to build a business is a priority and celebrated. The lead host organizations will be the City of Cupertino and Silicon Valley StartUp Cup, dedicated leaders in growing a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected to host the second annual World StartUp Cup”, said Alice Fenton, Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Organizer. “It is inspiring to see the growing impact of StartUp Cup on Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the ongoing support from community partners including World StartUp Cup sponsors, Vallco and the City of Cupertino, who are committed to creating a path to empower anyone with an idea to start and build a business.” To learn more visit World StartUp Cup.

Lily Kudzro | 2014 Ghana StartUp Cup Winner

Lily Kudzro

Lily Kudzro is the CEO of Devio Arts Center. She’s a passionate social entrepreneur who believes that children and young people can create and inspire their own future and can become change-makers in their communities. She uses creative and imaginative ways to introduce students and schools to practical, visual arts application. A strong advocate for attitude and policy change towards improving the overall quality of STEAM education in African schools, Lily hopes to impact 100,000 African students within the next 5 years.


Founding Story | Devio Arts Center

Two years ago, Lily came across an article in the China Africa Report, which stated “The clash between modernization and traditions has affected the creative thinking of African children.” Lily, with a personal passion for creative arts, recognized the sincere gap in the educational structures of Ghana for children to explore and realize their artistic potential. She decided to start an organization that uses very creative and innovative methods to expose children to lifelong creative skills. That was the birth of Devio Arts.

Devio 1



The Situation in Ghana

Primary schools operate in a space of ever increasing demands; a space where accountability and transparency are watchwords, where the notion of a ‘core curriculum’ holds sway; a space where standardized test results are centrally reported and where literacy and numeracy are posited as national priorities and to which extra time is allocated in our timetables. ‘’Our Educational system undervalues the importance of arts education’’

Devio 2


Devio Art’s Solution

Devio Arts Centre is a social enterprise initiative that uses creative and digital art as a catalyst, to stimulate constructive learning and creative thinking in Ghanaian children.

The center tackles creativity in communities and helps to build creative life skills through programs that bring experts from the working field, and makes use of technology to engage and train students on current trends. To create accessibility and to promote inclusive education, the center serves one of the deprived communities in the Greater Accra area. The center has also developed the nation’s first annual children’s art festival involving children in hands–on creative and digital arts. Devio Arts through its programs has provided transformational impact by providing infrastructure, resources and inclusive access to children from disadvantaged backgrounds to engage in creative and digital arts, reaching over 1700 children since 2014.


Devio 5Devio 3


The center’s vision is to equip all Ghanaian children with lifelong creative skills, while teaching knowledge and skills, and encouraging innovation, thereby striking a balance between Creativity and education in the near future.

Beyond winning the Ghana StartUp Cup Competition, Devio Arts Center plans to continue their grassroots efforts to be able to reach out to more children through the mobile arts center strategy which is a refurbished bus that would be equipped with creative and digital art resources to serve more deprived communities in Ghana. Devio would also launch the biggest movement ‘The association of Creative Arts Teachers in Ghana’. This association will be a national network of educators concerned with the promotion of creativity and the development of imagination through arts. Since creativity is an exciting way of deepening children’s’ understanding of how art works, the association would give opportunity to further develop children’s “voices” by showing new possibilities. This will be done through supporting and developing teacher’s capacity and bringing out the artist in the teacher as well as the child. We will work closely with artists, teachers and interested organizations. Devio believes that education is the exploration of the possible and looks to expand children’s artistic horizons in Ghana and currently raising funds to implement these two major projects.

Huge congratulations to Lily Kudzro on her growing success in Ghana and her desire to help and promote creativity among children. We at Ghana StartUp Cup wish Lily every success for the future and fully expect to see her rise to the top. Welldone Lily!