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Silicon Valley: Cupertino, California to Host Second Annual World StartUp Cup



StartUp Cup announces that Cupertino, California will host the Second Annual World StartUp Cup June 16,17 & 18, 2015.

“Silicon Valley StartUp Cup has been empowering a diversity of entrepreneurial businesses that goes beyond technology since launching in 2012 and we are particularly enthusiastic to have this year’s World StartUp Cup hosted in Cupertino, California. We look forward to showcasing and celebrating the most promising startups and entrepreneurs from every conceivable industry, and in the process shine a global light on the power of entrepreneurs to change the world,” said Sean Griffin, CEO and Founder of StartUp Cup.

World StartUp Cup will bring together the first place winners of local StartUp Cups from around the globe. Currently there are over 50 StartUp Cup acceleration programs in over 60 countries. The first place winners from each local competition that held their awards celebration during 2014 will be eligible to enter into the World StartUp Cup competition. The selected entrepreneurs will travel to Cupertino to present their business models to an international panel of judges comprised of local StartUp Cups around the world.

Cupertino was selected from a number of interested cities from around the world based on their commitment to developing a diverse ecosystem where entrepreneurship growth that supports allowing anyone, with any idea to build a business is a priority and celebrated. The lead host organizations will be the City of Cupertino and Silicon Valley StartUp Cup, dedicated leaders in growing a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected to host the second annual World StartUp Cup”, said Alice Fenton, Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Organizer. “It is inspiring to see the growing impact of StartUp Cup on Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the ongoing support from community partners including World StartUp Cup sponsors, Vallco and the City of Cupertino, who are committed to creating a path to empower anyone with an idea to start and build a business.” To learn more visit World StartUp Cup.