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Lily Kudzro | 2014 Ghana StartUp Cup Winner

Lily Kudzro

Lily Kudzro is the CEO of Devio Arts Center. She’s a passionate social entrepreneur who believes that children and young people can create and inspire their own future and can become change-makers in their communities. She uses creative and imaginative ways to introduce students and schools to practical, visual arts application. A strong advocate for attitude and policy change towards improving the overall quality of STEAM education in African schools, Lily hopes to impact 100,000 African students within the next 5 years.


Founding Story | Devio Arts Center

Two years ago, Lily came across an article in the China Africa Report, which stated “The clash between modernization and traditions has affected the creative thinking of African children.” Lily, with a personal passion for creative arts, recognized the sincere gap in the educational structures of Ghana for children to explore and realize their artistic potential. She decided to start an organization that uses very creative and innovative methods to expose children to lifelong creative skills. That was the birth of Devio Arts.

Devio 1



The Situation in Ghana

Primary schools operate in a space of ever increasing demands; a space where accountability and transparency are watchwords, where the notion of a ‘core curriculum’ holds sway; a space where standardized test results are centrally reported and where literacy and numeracy are posited as national priorities and to which extra time is allocated in our timetables. ‘’Our Educational system undervalues the importance of arts education’’

Devio 2


Devio Art’s Solution

Devio Arts Centre is a social enterprise initiative that uses creative and digital art as a catalyst, to stimulate constructive learning and creative thinking in Ghanaian children.

The center tackles creativity in communities and helps to build creative life skills through programs that bring experts from the working field, and makes use of technology to engage and train students on current trends. To create accessibility and to promote inclusive education, the center serves one of the deprived communities in the Greater Accra area. The center has also developed the nation’s first annual children’s art festival involving children in hands–on creative and digital arts. Devio Arts through its programs has provided transformational impact by providing infrastructure, resources and inclusive access to children from disadvantaged backgrounds to engage in creative and digital arts, reaching over 1700 children since 2014.


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The center’s vision is to equip all Ghanaian children with lifelong creative skills, while teaching knowledge and skills, and encouraging innovation, thereby striking a balance between Creativity and education in the near future.

Beyond winning the Ghana StartUp Cup Competition, Devio Arts Center plans to continue their grassroots efforts to be able to reach out to more children through the mobile arts center strategy which is a refurbished bus that would be equipped with creative and digital art resources to serve more deprived communities in Ghana. Devio would also launch the biggest movement ‘The association of Creative Arts Teachers in Ghana’. This association will be a national network of educators concerned with the promotion of creativity and the development of imagination through arts. Since creativity is an exciting way of deepening children’s’ understanding of how art works, the association would give opportunity to further develop children’s “voices” by showing new possibilities. This will be done through supporting and developing teacher’s capacity and bringing out the artist in the teacher as well as the child. We will work closely with artists, teachers and interested organizations. Devio believes that education is the exploration of the possible and looks to expand children’s artistic horizons in Ghana and currently raising funds to implement these two major projects.

Huge congratulations to Lily Kudzro on her growing success in Ghana and her desire to help and promote creativity among children. We at Ghana StartUp Cup wish Lily every success for the future and fully expect to see her rise to the top. Welldone Lily!